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Mrs Missouri 2016

mrsmissouri2016profilesmallestl.jpgHeather Hussey 

Heather Hussey and her husband, Rob, reside in Wentzville, Missouri. They have five children, Victoria (20), Nick (14), John (10), Isabella (3), and Leo (10mos.) Heather has over 15-years experience in the public relations field, holding a BA in Communications/Public Relations from the University of Missouri, Columbia, and a Masters from Lindenwood University. She also has over 10-years of modeling / acting experience working on commercials, with catalogs, and more. Her husband Rob is the owner, broker and realtor for their family-owned real estate business, The Expert Realty Company, and also just won re-election this past Spring as a city alderman.

Currently, Heather is the Director of Public Relations / Marketing for The Expert Realty Company. She also sits on the Executive Board for the Western St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce, the Steering Committee for 100 Women Who Care - St. Charles and is on the Board for The Sparrow’s Nest Teen Maternity Home. In addition, Heather is actively involved in her church through volunteering and being a member of Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS). She enjoys loving on her children, reading / writing and traveling with her husband.

mrsmissouri2016crownedsmall.jpgHeather first heard of The Sparrow's Nest Teen Maternity Home, a shelter for pregnant and homeless young teenage girls, when a former teen resident provided her testimony at a meeting for 100 Women Who Care. As a Christian woman, it was extremely difficult for her to hear about a teen mom giving up her baby simply because she doesn’t have resources. It was also difficult to hear the reality that many teens are provided ultimatums to give up their baby and keep their home and family, or have the baby and become homeless and be abandoned by their family. Heather looked at their oldest daughter and couldn't imagine her being left to those choices. So, she now has made it her mission to help The Sparrow’s Nest expand those resources for young mothers. To spread the word that young mothers DO have a better choice.

The mission of THE SPARROW’S NEST MATERNITY HOME is to provide a CHRIST centered shelter and to educate homeless, pregnant and parenting YOUNG WOMEN by providing a wide range of SERVICES that empower them to make positive and healthy LIFE decisions for themselves and their BABIES. Heather has already started locally to promote this platform and branched out statewide sharing important information to help young mothers get the help they need.